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ZAPATA EMILIANO do Lusiadas ["zappy"]

first Italian PWD to have achieved the Rescue Award brevet - S.I.C.S. n° 500 on 5/9/2007
born on 21/3/2006 by ONE WILD WIND v.d.d.v. and by ARAMIS-LIFE [ look at pedigree ]


SICS national instructor and responsible of Sardinia Region mr. MAURIZIO BASCIU

Scuola cani salvataggio Sardegna


" Zappy " has participated in the RAI UNO telecast LINEA BLU, October 6th 2007 been broadcasted on RAI 1, for an exercise with the S.A.R. Coastal Watch to the Nautical Saloon in Genoa. and on RAI DUE the 12th of November 2007

Zappy is here in photo (kindly granted by the S.I.C.S. - School Italian Dogs Rescue) in a phase of his very beautiful and brave jump


" Zappy " during the 1 international assembly of Rescue Award with helicopter in Pisogne on 15/9/2007


kindly granted by the S.I.C.S. - Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio


CAO DE AGUA CLUB meeting 6/10/07 - passes with the mouse on the photo to see large

do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

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