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The pup is collected by its new owner at its birthplace, that is at the kennels. When the puppy is sent abroad or when the puppy is delivered directly at the purchaser's home, travel and transportation costs have to be added to the puppy's price. The puppy's equipment will consist of : collar and leash, European pet passport, pin brush, a small amount of its regular food, a few toys . The puppy is delivered 65 days after its birth. It has its European pet passport, all the Enci dossier to get the pedigree is well en route, it has its health certificates, its health passport, it has already been micro-chipped and it has been vaccinated against several serious diseases ( see Puppy's certifications, European pet passport).

As already said, the puppy's price is not inclusive of the cost of transport , delivery to the owner's house, in Italy, nor of the costs of shipping, air transportation, special IATA airline approved dog carrier. Special exams or vaccinations required by the country of destination in addition to those already mentioned and certified in the puppy's passport are also to be paid separately. Flying the puppy to its new owner will be considered only in the case of physically and psychologically solid, strong puppies, that don't show signs of weakness, fear , or shyness, are in perfect health and able to stand the stress of such a journey.

Some day first is gotten used to travel in car inside the special one transports, this way that that day, has familiarized with a mean of transport and has at least a family place whether to recognize their odor and that of his brothers. The plane will be select keeping in mind of the vector more comforting, of the briefest flight and possibly direct, without ports, to the place of destination. The pup is personally accompanied from me in the airport of departure, and often accompanied by an adult dog, where we will depart with wide advance, and where they will be left only to the last one minute, and not before having taken long walks.

A few days before flying, the puppies are taken for short journeys by car inside their dog carrier so they get used to traveling and the dog carrier becomes for them a familiar place with their own and their brothers odor. The flight is decided by selecting the best and most comfortable carrier , possibly a direct flight, with the shortest flight route, and without stopovers. I myself, often with an older dog, take the puppy to the airport, We leave the kennel ahead of time, the puppy will take a long walk before boarding and will be left by itself (inside the dog carrier of course) only at the very last moment. Only approved shipping companies and airlines having pressurized baggage areas can be used. The puppy will have to skip a meal to avoid feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed during the flight because of its physiological stimuli. To keep the puppy company I put in its carrier box something good to chew on such as a buffalo bone or, if it has one, its favorite toy.

The puppy will be hungry when it arrives. We have to recommend giving the puppy only a small meal at arrival, and give it another meal after a few hours. This is to avoid overeating that may cause indigestion. When direct flights are not possible I choose air companies that make stopovers in airports, like London or Frankfurt, equipped with special hospitality areas for dogs where they are taken out of their boxes and fed. Sometimes more pups are sent abroad together. Almost all airlines accept transporting two puppies in one box. This is great as the puppies then can play together and don't even realize what they are going through.


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