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If the puppy is collected directly from the kennel when it gets to its new home it has to be left free to explore calmly its new surrounding and must be left in peace and not oppressed by an overload of attention and curiosity from the whole family , neighbors, friends and so on. It should be immediately shown its living quarters, where its sleeping area and bed are, where it feeding place is, It is important that your family has already agreed upon the rules to be followed for a happy integration of the puppy with its new family.

Puppies minds are free and they learn quickly. The puppy has to learn everything , it has no notion of how it is supposed to behave. And it is up to the owner to make him learn the new habits it has to acquire , to avoid the puppy acquires bad habits and gets into wrong mistaken behavior. Every time the pup does something unacceptable or different from what is expected of him he must be clearly reprimanded with a firm, stern NO!

Puppies learn by association and are extremely pliable. Negative association repeated for several days will totally discourage him from going on with the action you want to inhibit. On the other hand you must praise it warmly and encourage it anytime it does that you consider right. This will reinforce that behavior and the puppy will be stimulated and look for praise as its reward. This is also the way you can train it to relieve itself in the garden or in another area of your choice, He will remember soiling the house and being scolded , that is a negative association will be formed and this behavior will be discouraged and on the other hand a positive association will be formed between emptying his bowels in the garden and receiving praise and smiles, As it is very young in this first month you will need a lot of patience as it has little control over his bodily functions. He always needs to relieve himself a few minutes after eating and after a good sleep so you can anticipate this and take or send it into the garden right after his meal or sleep.

Remember not to tire out the puppy , but don't close it in the house to avoid risks because for a correct growth he surely needs meals at regular time, good care of its health and safety but above all he needs to go out often and to socialize as much as possible with people and see places of all kinds. It is also absolutely necessary to get the puppy used to car travel as soon as possible, both for its correct training and your peace of life. Remember that in Italy the use of a dog carrier is required by law whatever the dog's size.

If the puppy is to find at his new home other household pets, cats , dogs or whatsoever, remember that for a while it will be the animal already living with you that will need a lot of attention. Care must be taken not to upset the established animals, and not give them any cause for jealousy. They will need more praise and to be fussed over more than usual. The new puppy will learn then that in its new home he will have to respect those hierarchies that are the very bases of its being a pack animal. He has already learned from his mother and by playing with his brothers that he must follow these basic behavior rules. And unless you yourself have somehow disrupted their natural equilibrium, only in extremely rare and exceptional cases will an adult dog bite seriously a puppy who acts as totally subordinate to him and who shows the appropriate movements and behavior the older dog can understand, The older dog will probably signal by barking that he is the one that takes the lead and the puppy will understand the message and will continue to look for the adult dog's company and try to play with him from his own standpoint, that of an innocent, harmless puppy, and he will not be frightened nor have a psychological trauma.


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