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cane da montagna dei pirenei: nivelle e belinda cao de agua: ch. manga cao de agua: ch.ofelia bolognese: asso


All my puppies bear the name DO LUSIADAS (it is my registered kennel's name). In 1994 I started the DO LUSIADAS kennels in Certaldo near Florence with a first litter of Pyrenean Mountain Dogs registered in the LOI. A second litter, this time of Bolognese, was born in 1995.

These were the two breeds I loved at the time and they were the ones most suited to my temperament and needs and that were themselves well adapted to my family's life-style. As we were living in an isolated cottage with a large garden in the Tuscan hillside the Pyrenean Mountain Dog was able to tend to his role as superb watch dog, affording the protection we needed without any risk or danger for my son, then a little boy, nor for his playmates when they came over to see him . This breed is in fact extremely protective and is fantastic with children that may themselves not be too careful. The Bolognese on the other hand used to take care of my son in the house , in a reciprocal exchange of love and companionship they both needed.

I myself was born on a big farm in the countryside and I have always been surrounded by many kinds of animals , from chickens or rabbits to larger animals like cows or horses and as they bred I could often play with the offspring. So maybe all I could do was to become a breeder!

Beginning from my first period of dog breeding I did all I could to get information on existing breeds as I was keen to know and understand their qualities, specific attributes, their work aptitudes and the use they are put to, fascinated by what these great friends of man have given us with their work, aid , and their very being.


ch.amor do lusiadas, the founder floari, my horse the child's  kitten  


I was particularly interested in one specific breed, a very special one, somehow unique, extraordinary both for its history and the work aptitudes. This breed was the Co de agua, or Portuguese Water Dog. But at the exhibitions I went to, it wasn't to be found. And while books or encyclopedias I could see stimulated my interest and made me keen to know the breed, the pictures of individuals I came across were so ugly that I was almost discouraged. Finally one day I saw a paper with good photos of these dogs and there I definitely fell in love with this breed.

For almost a year I looked for suitable puppies and then destiny came my way. I met by pure chance George Kratochvil who was going to close his kennel in Switzerland and who was looking for a good situation in which to place his beloved dogs. A good friendship began with George, a friendship based on respect and esteem as we agreed on methods and quality of breeding. I wanted to start breeding Portuguese Water dogs , he wanted his name to be continued in a serious correct way . I soon took over his Swiss affix that he afterwards left me and that was transferred and enregistered by the Italian kennel Club (Enci) in 2001.

I am now raising the three breeds that make up my horizon, my way of living with dogs, the way I see them. Something that satisfies their needs and at the same time is something that goes with my character. I think the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, at the same time rustic but smart and refined, is perfect for the kind of work it is expected to accomplish. The Bolognese is a great companion, not intrusive but always present. As for the Portuguese Water Dog it is quite exceptional, it can perform many tasks in different fields, its great sturdiness makes it capable of enjoying life both inside the house and outdoors, and with its medium size it can follow you everywhere, also in places or circumstances in which the other two breeds might not feel totally at ease. These three independent and proud breeds get along very well together and are able to live in total harmony.


fabiana and ch. quincy to 4 months of age fabiana with ch. sete rios do vale negro and ch. obra fabiana and champions  obra and ofelia

do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

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