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PRESS, TV and other on breeding

CAPITAL monthly Class economy - june 2008 - pdf is coming
C A N I monthly - june 2008 - pdf is coming
QUATTRO ZAMPE monthly - the fishing dog - june 2008 - go to pag.1 pag.2
WORK DOG monthly- Zappy il cane d'acquavite - april 2008
CANI monthly - dog to work - Zappy un lusitano per bagnino - april '08
RAI 2- national television - 11/11/2007 - Maurizio Basciu and Zappy (Zapata Emiliano do Lusiadas) ( PIAZZA GRANDE)
RAI 1 - national television - 06/10/2007 - Maurizio Basciu and Zappy (Zapata Emiliano do Lusiadas) ( LINEA BLU) Throwing from the helicopter, exercise of the Coastal Watch from Genoa

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RAI 1 - national television - 21/12/2006 - Fabiana speaks live of the Portuguese Water Dog; present in study the subjects : VialeaMare do Lusiadas, Uadi do Lusiadas e Wapi do Lusiadas
E.N.C.I. official magazine I NOSTRI CANI - October 2006 - Maurizio and Zappy
RAI 1 - national television - every Friday (times 9,30) Wapi do Lusiadas from September 2006 in May 2007
bi-monthly TI PRESENTO IL CANE - September 2006 - ample service!!!!
RAI 2 - national television - 9/6/2006 Gabriella and Flavio introduce the Portuguese Water Dog
E.N.C.I. official magazine I NOSTRI CANI - number of Genuary 2005
news-bulletin C.I.S. Our Spaniels - 1 Assembly Italian number January-March 2005 -
magazine CINOFILIA VENATORIA - number March 2005
monthly MY DOG - number October 2005


ch. urso do mar do lusiadas trumlin do lusiadas quelos do lusiadas ch. urso do mar do lusiadas

do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

mobil phone 349-5789127 in italian language | e-mail : info@dolusiadas.it