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pelo a bioccolo, marrone
pelo a bioccolo, asciutto, nero/bianco
pelo ondulato, marrone pelo a bioccolo, bagnato, nero/bianco pelo ondulato, nero/bianco


the portuguese water dog is a medium sized dog. Male: height 20 to 23 inches ( 50 to 57 cm), weight 42 to 60 pounds (19 to 25 kilos) ; bitch : height 17 to 21 inches (42 to 52 cm), weight 35 to 50 pounds (16 to 22 kilos). Bracchoid form. It is classified in group 8 : searchers and retrievers, water dogs. It has a coat of long non-shedding hair that continues to grow as human hair does. It has no undercoat. Usually the coat is clipped in the so-called " lion clip ", closely related to the functional aspects of this breed: the dog is a swimmer both by nature and by utility and this trimming was the most appropriate for the work it had to do, short hair on the muzzle and eye area to allow for better vision in the water and good grasp on fish and other objects, very short hair on the hindquarters and part of the tail to avoid excessive weight and allow for easier movements in the water.

the portuguese water dog is robust, solidly built, with a well balanced, muscular body. Swimmer, diver and retriever of exceptional ability and stamina, its appearance often belies its true character, its energy, spirit and endurance. A dog of ready intelligence, visual memory and great learning ability. Very good scent and good eye sight, his ideal stance is erect, with a fiery and proud carriage, its tail gallantly upheld.

An elegant casual look, steady, penetrating eyes and alert, attentive expression, it is a loyal companion, that bonds readily with all family members, a people-oriented dog that thrives on interaction with humans.. It loves being constantly with its owner and is able to deal with any situation without creating problems or disturbing.


do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

mobil phone 349-5789127 in italian language | e-mail : info@dolusiadas.it