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fabiana with ch. Quincy ch. quincy and  mia ejerstad ch.quincy and thomas wastiaux Flavio Noro introduces ch. Coco-Chanel in  juniores class the pwd groupwith federica vicarini

I myself take personally care of the kennels. Though I have a person I trust helping me, I am on the spot almost every day of the year. I prepare the dogs for exhibitions : the dogs selected as show-dogs are put under careful scrutiny : attention is paid to their morphology, their physical features but above all it is their character and temperament that are considered important as the dog will have to accomplish willingly show work without feeling stress and fatigue. The individual I select will be taken to exhibitions and contests to be shown by me or more often by a professional handler as I prefer devoting my time specifically to the breeding.

EXPO : Certificates and champion titles gained in Dog exhibitions, give not only satisfaction and prestige, they are first of all a validation of the kennels and breeding as the dog presented has to pass severe continuous examinations by expert FCI judges who evaluate and certify it has the morphologic, genetic and character qualities required by the breed's standards.



SPORTING ACTIVITY: this special training is planned for the Portuguese Water Dog. This breed is has in fact a long outstanding history in accomplishing water work, swimming, diving, retrieving. But in Italy for the time being this breed is still rare and it takes time to set up the right situation. However some first cautious steps are already taken in this direction which may gain importance also in Italy.

BREEDING: I decide on mating and breeding according to the plans I have made and I assist in whelping and in health controls of the puppies . I take care of them during their weaning and growth. I enjoy them most when they are playing around . These moments are not only rewarding and full of fun. Watching their games and their romping I get to know their temperament and this enables me to decide what kind of training is best suited for them and which type of families they can best integrate in.


Mountain dog of the pireneis, pups of 50 days pwd pups of 3 days bolognese dog, pups of 2 days  

do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

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