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A very special dog whose remarkable aptitudes are still to be fully explored. An affectionate family dog, it gets on well with children, older people and with other house pets. Exuberant, gay and very playful it remains with this disposition well into its senior years. The Portuguese Water Dogs make wonderful dogs with outstanding aptitudes. They can be trained for many activities such as obedience, agility, tracking, water work, hospital therapy work, pet therapy work. They can be trained to search for truffles . And they can be trained for sea rescue.


WATER TRIALS - ( manual. pdf)
ch.urso do mar do  lusiadaspunta e pati rodriguesvialeamare do lusiadas


RESCUE - (video) - (photos) - (who is Zappy?)

the fist italian PWD with brevet in rescu is zapata emiliano do lusiadas "zappy" with his dresseur SICS Murizio Basciu.

thank's for photos take by Scuola Italiana Cani Salvataggio



thank's for photos take by web.site PWDCA ;




thank's for photos take by web.site PWDCA ; on right is Rhonda do Lusiadasrhonda do lusiadas in un centro anziani


ch. coco-chanelch. ulisse do lusiadasquenelle do lusiadasquenelle do lusiadas


sit.staydown.staythank's for photos take by web.site PWDCA ; 


on lef t: thank's for photos take by web.site PWDCA ;il cao de agua "dutch" on left : Connie Millad and her PWD "Dutch" in actione at the World Trade Center


tejo tranquilo do lusiadasthe SWIMMING PARTNERcucciolo 5 mesilook at video of Richard Curtis and his PWD "DISCO", WINNER to the Cruft in the year 2006

do lusiadas kennel by fabiana bazzani - (florence ) - ITALY

mobil phone 349-5789127 in italian language | e-mail : info@dolusiadas.it